Supporting Leaders and Teams to Change and Grow

Succession Planning

We help organisations and leaders find answers to how they will meet their future talent needs, manage talent risks for key roles and build strong internal pipelines for leadership roles and critical positions.

Succession planning needs to feature at least once on the annual calendar for every Board, functional or business leader.

Sessions, where one discusses critical roles, pipelines / succession slates and what the plan will be to assess and develop people, is a useful exercise at many levels.We work with Boards, Leadership Teams and CEOs to facilitate and manage different elements of succession planning.

Development Journeys

for Leaders and Teams

Development Journeys for Leaders and Teams

We design and help implement leadership development journeys that support individual, group and organisational needs. The contexts for the journeys are varied and range from future leader programs, R&D leaders, High Potential Programs and more.

Our designs focus on bringing unfamiliar and diverse learning experiences to the participants to help increase their self-awareness, embrace the shifts, develop and practice new abilities.

Our journeys are designed in 3 phases – Ownership from the individual; Critical shifts they need to make; and an Enabling Program Ecosystem that supports and promotes development. Coaching, small group work, action learning and peer coaching, workshops, advisory support, reverse mentoring and more form a part of our development calendars.

High Potential


High Potential Programs

Organisations spend a fair amount of time and effort identifying their high potential talent. Managers recommend, assessments are done, talent review panels convene, and a talent pool is identified as “future leaders”. We believe a lot more attention needs to be given to what happens next – to accelerate their learning, build on their potential and provide them rich and varied experiences to hone their leadership skills and competencies.

Over the last 20 years, having worked with over 150 organisations, we have arrived at the 7 critical elements that a high potential program must-have. Each of these elements is designed to provide your high potential talent with the experiences, opportunities, and holistic knowledge they need to excel as leaders in your context.

Our work here ranges from design to entire program management, where we partner with other experts to deliver each phase/event of the program.