Redesigning Organisations to Change and Grow

Organisation Design

and Structure

Organisation Design and Structure

We help our clients make effective business and organisational transitions through reconfiguring their organisation design to meet their ambitions. The triggers for such assignments vary – diversification into new areas, changes in leadership, merger or acquisition and decline or acceleration in business performance. These assignments span 3 stages: diagnosing the current organisation; design or redesign of solutions; helping leaders implement change.

A typical report covers the following areas: business outlook and strategy, organisational identity and culture, leadership, organisation design, HR processes and systems.

Organisational review and performance management: Many of these assignments lead to solutions in areas such as identity, culture, people, structure, etc. We work with the leadership and their teams to prioritise these for maximum impact. A lot of our work also centres around communication and building capability to manage and lead the change.

Organisation identity

and culture

Organisation identity and culture

In an environment of turbulence and uncertainty, organisations need a lodestar and rallying point that is enduring. This is the organisational identity, which comprises its purpose, values, and ambition. The identity helps the organisation build a distinct character and connection for all its stakeholders.

We help young businesses define their organisational identity. For those well into their growth journey, we help them realign their purpose and values and define new possibilities and ambitions. More importantly, we help leaders embed the identity where it matters – in organisation design, culture, processes, and (customer and people) practices of the organisation.

Culture is perhaps the most significant determinant of an organisation’s ability to meet its ambition. We help leaders and teams build business enabling cultures that align with the purpose and values, but also goes beyond to create a strong business, employee, and customer practices. We always stop and ask – will the culture enable or derail this?

Charting your Inclusion

and Diversity Course

Charting your Inclusion and Diversity Course

The world is at a place today where we know that businesses, governments, and individuals need to do much more to create a level playing field and a better life for so many people. At the workplace, we have moved from inclusion and diversity being an HR initiative to a cultural tenet and even a leadership capability.

We can help you to invest in and accelerate this journey – from building awareness and understanding, pausing to accept where you are and where you want to go, and then picking up momentum to act and make change happen. We leverage our deep understanding of working with executive teams and expertise in culture transformation to create impact.

We help organisations and teams to map where they are and help them with their journey based on the framework below (as with most of our work, we adopt a systems approach – focusing on strategy, culture, capability, and systems). Depending on the focus areas identified, an organisation may choose to work on them through a board program, a DEI program through developing women in leadership.

Executive Leadership

Team Development

Executive Leadership Team Development

The strength of an organisation (within and outside) depends significantly on the commitment and alignment of the executive team that steers the organisation. Constantly changing contexts call upon leaders to create, align and commit to a forward-looking and long-term organisational agenda. Our work with executive teams helps recalibrate how aligned they truly are to the organisational ambition and to each other. Our work may entail:

  • Recommitting to the Organisation Agenda – Dynamic internal and external contexts call for executive teams to re-examine and rebuild their alignment to the enterprise purpose, direction and strategy as enterprise leaders.
  • Redefining Organisation Identity – Shifts in the stage of growth, industry, customer preferences and business model necessitate a review of the purpose, ambition and business priorities, and elements such as culture and values. We help executive teams align on the new or changed definitions of the What | How | Why for the organisation.
  • Building Connect and Understanding Roles – When the leadership team is relatively new to each other the group must come together as the enterprise leadership entity. A solid bedrock of deep trust becomes an important first step to building alignment, the next is to define and align the new team to their role and ways of working for success.