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Our Solutions

We help our clients improve, rejuvenate and fix the building blocks of their HR organisation.

Our work ranges from the design of skill and competency frameworks, redesigning performance management and career management to job evaluation and structure.

We also help HR teams build their capability to impact the business and the future context through functional assessments on their role and impact, training and development.



For HR and
Talent Management



to Change and Grow

Our clients have a clear view of WHAT they want to achieve – their ambitions to perform, grow and transform.

We help our clients redesign and align the HOW for their internal transition - their identity (purpose, values and ambition), structure, leadership and people practices and processes.

Our work in this area spans organisation design and assessments, restructuring, redesigning people processes, facilitating shifts in the roles and accountabilities of leaders and teams, beliefs and values and more.

We build organisational capacity to sustain change through our work with leaders and capability building

Better leaders and teams build stronger organisations.

Creating heightened awareness and enabling shifts around beliefs, abilities and roles is the core of our work with leaders and teams. We work in partnership with our clients on succession planning, managing role transitions, building leadership pipelines and leaders for the future.

Through team development journeys, we help individuals to coalesce around a purpose and ambition, build better relationships and culture to create more inclusive, productive and enjoyable workspaces.



For HR and
Talent Management




In these challenging times, Boards are well poised to go beyond compliance and shareholder interest to support Management and contribute to the future course of the Business.

We help Promoters, Chairpersons and Boards to invest in a structured Board program and get the help and support they need to play their role and fulfil their mandate. This includes support for Boards to evaluate their role and functioning.

We also work with CEOs to enable them to navigate organisation challenges and drive performance and growth