CEO and Board Advisory

CEO Advisory

Leaders often require something more immediate and specific – a quick chat on how to handle a situation or conflict; a discussion on how to think through an organisational issue; a different perspective to add to theirs; a sounding board during a crisis; someone to answer leadership ‘how to’ questions from time to time; and more.We now offer leaders support both as coaches and as advisors in flexible formats tailored to their needs and contexts. There are 3 modes of engagement we provide:
  • Sounding Board and Perspectives – Help leaders think through a problem, challenge or crisis at work; add new perspectives or dimensions; listen and support them through a crisis, etc.
  • Advisory – Increasing their awareness, helping to solve problems and make decisions in the areas of managing stakeholders, governance, talent and succession, culture and performance.
  • Transition support for new roles and contexts.

Board Effectiveness

and Evaluation

Board Effectiveness and Evaluation

We work with Promoters, Chairpersons and Boards to help them to play an enabling role for the sustainable growth of the business and to best serve the interests of all stakeholders. The case for an involved and effective Board is enhanced by the changing nature of the business environment (increased complexity, uncertainty, opportunity and risk), recent high-profile failures that make liability a reality, talent + strategic thinking gaps in management teams amongst others.Based on the stage of growth of the organisation and its plans, the kind of management talent, the promoter preferences, etc.

Boards can craft their role, composition and mandate to add value. We can help to create and support a Board program that is comprehensive and also help the Board in specific areas where they need support, such as role, mandate, evaluation, etc.

Our team comprises governance, legal organisational and behavioural experts who can help Boards to go well beyond their compliance role. Our processes are simple and are cognizant of the fact that Boards don’t meet often and have little time to spare.